Hitec ayur medicity strives to provide comprehensive orthopaedics, neuromuscular, paediatrics, geriatrics services, and fitness training. Those who have suffered pain, injury or diseases affecting the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, nerves, brain, and spinal cord of the body will benefit from assessment and treatment given by  physical therapist at Hitec ayur medicity.


Our rehabilitation help to

Ø  Total relief of pain

Ø  Improve flexibility

Ø  Improve muscle strength

Ø  Improve proprioception

Ø  Improve coordination

Ø  Improve quality of movements

Ø  Help to recover quickly and fasten your return to normal activities

Ø  Assist to achieve functional goals

Ø  Improve fitness

Ø  Prevent reinjures

Ø  Provide home advices


            We provide rehabilitation for

Ø  Stroke

Ø  Head injury

Ø  Spinal cord injury

Ø  Parkinson’s disease

Ø  Multiple sclerosis

Ø  Muscular dystrophy

Ø  Guillain Barre Syndrome

Ø  Motor neuron disease

Ø  Peripheral nerve injury

Ø  Diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Ø  Bell’s palsy/facial palsy



Our paediatric rehabilitation include

Ø  Neurodevelopmental therapy

Ø  Myofascial release

Ø  Gait training/ assistive device assessment

Ø  Electrical stimulation

Ø  Sensory integration therapy

Ø  Body weight supported treadmill training

Ø  Constrained induced movement therapy

Ø  Activities of daily living training

Ø  Balance training

Ø  Serial casting

Ø  Kinesio taping

Ø  Visual perception /motor training

Ø  Biofeedback

Ø  Adaptive equipment training