Modern medical science is more sophisticated among other branches of modern science. The broad category of medical practice that is sometimes called Western medicine, biomedicine, evidence-based medicine (because drugs are not used in the human body until they have tested in a laboratory), or modern medicine. Modern medicine is being distinct among other famous methods of physical treatment for its uniqueness in facing emergency situations. The term allopathy is drawn from the combination of Greek prefix ‘allos’ which means ‘oppose’ and suffix ‘pathos’ which means ‘suffering’.

While human being faces emergencies such as rod accidents and strokes, modern medicine with its special mode of treatments and surgeries can save the injured as quickly as possible and return them to the previous state of health. Modern advanced technologies and equipment for medical examinations and diagnosis of diseases, which is also depended by other methods of medicine like Ayurveda, is the most important contribution of modern medicine to the human world. Modern medicine differs from other alternative treatment ways by the means used to diagnose and treat the disease, where the blood, heart and kidney are classified in a micro-level into different groups which reduced the scope of untowardness in treatments.

In addition to Ayurvedic treatment facilities, Hitech Ayur Medicity offers you a special and well facilitated section of modern medicine consisting of the Neurological Rehabilitation Center, Emergency Department and others. It is well proven in Hitech Ayur Medicity that the use of modern medicine is effective for the full and speedy physical and mental recovery.