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Vagamon - The Feel of Purity

There is an enchanting hill station called Vagamon which is hidden from all the hoopla. Adorned with magical meadows, mystical gardens, beautiful dales, aromatic tea plantations, and misty valleys, Vagamon has surely earned its place among the best places to visit in Kerala. The fresh air and perfectly manicured gardens of Vagamon are a breath of fresh air.

Popular for its cascading waterfalls, blue mountains, meandering rivers, clear waters, and misty environment, Vagamon is a quaint little hilltown bordering the districts of Kottayam and Idukki. Three mighty hills known as Thangal, Murugan, and Kurisumala form the essence of the town. Colloquially known as Thangal Para, Thangal Hill is an important pilgrimage spot of the Muslims, located barely 5 km from Vagamon. 

Vagamon Pine Forest is a region with acres occupied by magnificent Pine trees thriving in the environment on steep slopes which is very unique to the region. Seldom crowded, the attraction is pollution-free and can enliven one and all. It is, therefore, an apt place for long tranquil nature walks and photography.

Nestled in between three green hills, Vagamon Lake is a slice of heaven tucked in the valley of Vagamon. Boasting of picturesque surroundings and lush greenery, the lake is a popular tourist spot that draws a lot of tourists. Besides, the hills surrounding it boast of glossy green grass carpet which is always blooming with vibrant flowers. Popular for picnics and leisure outings, you can also enjoy boating in the lake. Especially popular among photography enthusiasts and solitude seekers, the region around the lake offers peace and calm like no place else.

Marmala Waterfall lies a few kilometers away from Erattupetta, in Kottayam District, Kerala, India inside a private estate. It is exactly  8 km from Teekoy. The road from Mangalagiri to Marmala Waterfall is currently under construction and solling is completed recently only. Once reaching the base station, one has to trek through the estate over the slippery rocky path in order to reach the waterfalls. Marmala waterfall is about 60 meters in height, falling into a 12-meter deep pool and joins the River Teekoy way down.