Abhyanga is an Ayurveda the procedure of application of oil all over the body with a certain amount of pressure. In this procedure, warm medicated oil is applied gently and massaged. It is developed from Kerala Kalari Chikilsa. It can be performed as preventive therapy or therapeutic procedure or even as rejuvenate therapy.


The biological effect is brought about by the combined action of medicine, temperature, and pressure due to massage. It helps in maintaining the bio equilibrium of the body, helps to prevent aging, help to decrease fatigue and all type of body pain. Abhyanga imparts smoothness to the skin , improves the luster  of the skin/complexion, prevents exhaustion, wins over neurological disorders, improves vision, gives longevity, induces sleep, strengthens the body, promotes  vasodilation and increases peripheral circulation. Eliminates metabolic wastes, maintains proper tension of muscles and tendons. Promotes proper functioning of nerves.