Kizhi is a method of sudation performed with medicated bolus prepared of medicinal powders, lemon pieces Njvara rice etc. depending on the condition of patient.

Jambeera Pinda Sweda

 Sudation performed with medicated bolus prepared of lemon fruit pieces .It is mainly indicated in diseases like frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, traumatic condition, OA, LBA and sub-acute soft tissue inflammation.

Patra Potali Sweda

 Patra means leaves and Potali means bolus .It refers to sudation performed with medicated bolus prepared of medicinal plant leaves .It induces production of heat by using heated pack of specific herbal leaves .It is a kind of sudation where heat, pressure and oil are applied simultaneously.


Alleviates pain  and swelling ,beneficial for severe pain of arthritis ,bone degenerative diseases tendonitis, muscle sprain etc.

Njavara Kizhi

Sudation performed with medicated bolus prepared of  Njavara type of rice cooked in milk and  Bala decoction .The medicine used in this procedure is having rejuvenate tissue replenishment properties.


This treatment is highly beneficial in increasing the tone and strength of muscles. It restore health and prevent premature is also very effective in chronic rheumatism .it improves general circulation  and thus nourishes the tissue .effective in curing diseases  of the nervous system ,  and others such as chronic rheumatism ,  osteal  arthritis ,  gout ,  emaciation of muscles ,  numbness. it can slow down ageing , premature greying of hair,  baldness ,   appearance of wrinkles and other ailments of aging.